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Reiki Distance Attunement And Its Benefits & Methods


Although some Reiki masters are skeptical of distance attunements, hundreds of Reiki students who have received them attest to their effectiveness are on par with in-person attunements. Remember that distance attunements operate similarly to the distant Reiki session taught in Level II. As a result, masters who oppose distance attunements cast doubt on the concepts taught in Reiki Level II.

Given the ease with which information can be accessed from any location on Earth and our growing understanding of time and space malleability, it's natural that distance attunements are becoming more prevalent.

You may arrange for remote attunements with your pupils via email, phone, or a form on your website if you wish.

When a person is ill and lacks access to a nearby practitioner but wishes to receive Reiki, they can be attuned remotely to administer Reiki on themselves. While it would be preferable if they took the course to become aware of the energy they are working with, working with Reiki energy can still be quite beneficial in certain circumstances.

You can attune all of your pupils to all three levels of Reiki simultaneously using the combined Reiki I, II, and III distant attunement techniques. Alternatively, you could provide personalized distance attunements.

What Are The Benefits Of Reiki Distance Attunement?

A man leaning back on the couch while receiving a reiki attunement
A man leaning back on the couch while receiving a reiki attunement

It is critical to remember that in addition to receiving attunements (whether remotely or in-person), the student must commit to expanding their knowledge of Reiki, practicing daily self-treatments, and continuing to practice Reiki in their personal life when working with others.

Attunements are comparable to receiving a key to an unfathomable treasure chest. The pupil must initiate entry into the room. The key will always be within them, but they must take action to further their exploration of the gift of Reiki through self-treatments, contemplation, and collaboration with others.

Near the end of this course, you may wish to set some personal goals. These may include daily self-treatments, a five-principle meditation, a predetermined number of sessions with others, and additional reading and courses.

Preparing To Perform Distance Attunements

When conducting distance attunements, you become acutely aware of how interconnected we all are. As is customary, the Master's and student's intentions contribute to the ceremony's success.

If you wish to offer distance attunements, you should practice and experiment with several approaches to find the one that feels most natural to you.

Methods For Reiki Distance Attunement

Mental Reiki Room

This method entails entering your mental Reiki room and then inviting the learner in. You will perform the ceremony exactly as you would in person, except in your mental Reiki room. This strategy is extremely effective, and you will almost certainly discover that this mental region contains additional information. This technique also enables you to focus on Reiki energy rather than the physical level.


This method entails conducting the ceremony by using a surrogate, which can be a person or an object. This could be a friend or relative, a teddy bear, a ball, or something entirely different. First, you will establish the surrogate's role as your student's spokesperson. Then, just as you would perform the ceremony in person, you will perform it on the surrogate.

Using Information To Connect During A Distance Attunement

If you prefer to project yourself into the location of your student when performing attunements, you can do so through the use of information and technology. For instance, if your student lives in Sedona, Arizona, you can determine their location using the maps feature of your internet browser.

With that location in mind, you can allow Reiki to transport you across time and space, enabling you to perform the ceremony at your student's location in your mind's eye.

The Bottom Line

There is no single technique for correctly or incorrectly performing a Reiki attunement. Because each student's energy metabolism is unique, his or her experience will be unique as well. There is no single correct or incorrect way to experience a Reiki attunement, and the effectiveness of attunement will always be subjective. I believe that both Master and student have the same intention, are committed to the attunement's goal, and are open and optimistic. The desired results will occur.

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