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Essential Reiki Attunement


Some Reiki practitioners have been asked repeatedly that they've been teaching Reiki: Why do they need an attunement or initiation to healing energy? Simply continue reading! If universal life energy is available to everyone, why are they required to attend a Reiki class and receive an extraordinary initiation? With Reiki pure energy, you are initiating yourself into the world of renewable energy.

Why Is A Reiki Attunement Essential?

A shadow of a human body with the location of 7 major chakras
A shadow of a human body with the location of 7 major chakras

When starting something new or initiating something, it is beneficial to first define what you are looking for. The action of initiating something is referred to as an initiating action. There are numerous resources available on the internet. Another definition of initiation is that it is a formally introduced to some knowledge of or participation in some principles or observances through preliminary instruction or an initial ceremony, and thus -admission to instruction knowledge in the elements of any subject or practice In the vast majority of cases, this definition accurately describes a Reiki initiation class. Their questions may include why it is necessary for them to be initiated into something that they believe has always been present within them. Was it possible for the novice to rely on this genuine present from the Spirit of self-healing and someone else if the ritual was not performed?

"Initiation" is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "admission to knowledge or instruction in any element subject or experience." Isn't this the same procedure that Dr. Usui went through when he received the Reiki keys to healing from Spirit? In the previous role as an instructor, some witnessed a wide range of reactions from their students when they were given an initiation ceremony. Spirit has an impact on every individual to a varying degree.

In spite of this, initiations are an essential part of the process of reconnection with Spirit and the beginning of a new or renewed journey down the path of life for many people. This sacred ritual unlocks a slew of opportunities. If you were attuned to Reiki, you should be able to recall the feelings you had during your exceptional ceremony as well as your connection to the Reiki energy.

Remember, if you are thinking about taking a Reiki class, keep in mind that the healing energies you were born with will only grow in strength as Reiki begins to flow through your soul, Spirit, or physical body. Good luck on your journey, and please keep us updated on your progress.

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