Updated: Mar 01, 2022

Reiki Home Attunement

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word that translates as Universal Health Energy. Reiki has always been a hands-on therapy that uses no visualization techniques, touch, or stabilizes the flow of healthy renewable energy in a person.

What Is a Reiki Attunement? Is It Necessary To Practice Reiki?

In each of the Reiki classes, the Reiki teacher gives each student a Reiki Attunement, which allows them to be more open to channeling the Reiki energy in the future. These chakras are activated as part of this process, and the student is connected to our Source Energy/Creator who transmits the energy through them as part of the process.

Essential Reiki Attunement

Some Reiki practitioners have been asked repeatedly that they've been teaching Reiki: Why do they need an attunement or initiation to healing energy? Simply continue reading!

What Is Reiki Healing? How Can It Be Used?

Reiki is a Japanese word composed of two words: Rei, which means "spirit," and Ki, which means "universal life force energy." This article discusses what is Reiki healing and how it can be used.

Reiki Distance Attunement And Its Benefits & Methods

Although some Reiki masters are skeptical of distance attunements, hundreds of Reiki students who have received them attest to their effectiveness are on par with in-person attunements. Remember that distance attunements operate similarly to the distant Reiki session taught in Level II. As a result, masters who oppose distance attunements cast doubt on the concepts taught in Reiki Level II.

Free Reiki Course - Online Reiki Class

This free Reiki course will teach you how to use each of the three Reiki levels to benefit yourself and others. Traditional and non-traditional holy symbols, as well as the governing principles of the discipline, the seven basic chakras, will all be discussed.